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Working from home: supporting your workforce

Working from home: supporting your at-home workforce

Working from home on the sofa in pajamasI’ve been working from home since the early 90s;  sporadically at first and then full time since 2004-ish.  My first at-home computer was a Compaq 386 “luggable”, carted home for me from Wall Street on the LIRR by a colleague who parked at the same train station. It was about the size and weight of a portable sewing machine, and it was awarded to me by management so I could avoid motion sickness during chemotherapy. I quickly found that I had the personality and self-discipline to be productive while working from home. I’ve had consistent, long-term success with remote work. I’ve seen it similarly succeed in others, but fail for many.

Right now, working from home is necessary

The COVID-19 pandemic has now driven a mass-migration of staff out of the corporate office and into the home office.  Many of these newly-remote workers have never worked from home before.  In addition to general inexperience with the situation, there are several other factors at play that can produce undesired results.

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Solid advice to battle identity fraud

Carrie Kerskie , Director - Identity Fraud Institute, Hodges University
Carrie Kerskie, Identity Fraud Expert

Solid advice to battle identity fraud

I had the good fortune to hear Carrie Kerskie speak last month at a meeting of the ABWA Imperial River Chapter here in Southwest Florida.  Kerskie is the Director of the Identity Fraud Institute at Hodges University. For biographical information, check out the press release I wrote for the event. Here are some notes I scrawled during the

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Solo travel safety Solo Travel SafetySolo Travel Safety

Solo business travel has become more of a regular thing in my life since converting from employee to consultant. Whether for work or pleasure, solo travel comes with some caveats. Safety is one of them. No one wants to be the person who reviewed their photos only to find that someone snapped a picture of them while they were sleeping…

I perform many of the rituals and take many of the precautions mentioned by the women interviewed for this article (quoted below) – some with a twist. For instance, when I had a garage, I did make it a practice to Continue reading Solo travel safety

Countdown to WordCamp Miami 2016

I am Attending WordCamp Miami 2016COUNTDOWN TO WORDCAMP MIAMI 2016

I’ve made my reservations and I’ve got my tickets – I’m all set for WordCamp Miami! I am signed up for the  Freelancer’s Workshop. To follow will be two days of fascination, donuts, and information overload.

WordCamp is a professional development opportunity for those who use the WordPress website platform. Pre-conference workshops offer the opportunity to deep-dive into a particular area of study. Conference sessions provide new inspiration and ideas. I finally took the plunge this past fall; I attended WordCamp Tampa and never regretted it.

The speaker list for Miami shows that there is some overlap with WordCamp Tampa. There are also speakers I’ve never seen or heard before. I haven’t gone through the session schedule yet, but I think that’s a task best left until finalization.  There will be a “How To” track, a “Content and Design” track, and a “Developer’s” track on the first day. The second day will feature tracks called “Business”, “All Users”, and “Learning Javascript Deeply”.

In the Freelancer’s Workshop, I’m  interested in the sessions on pricing, taxes, and profits.  The Q&A panel should be useful as well. This WordCamp will also feature a workshop for beginners, as well as a BuddyCamp.

During the conference proper, I predict that the Business track will prove useful to me. Much of the Business track content is applicable to the non-WordPress aspects of my business. I build, secure, and maintain simple brochure sites for small businesses. I am also a corporate consultant, practicing the information risk and security management disciplines. I want to grow the WordPress part of my business beyond the small handful of clients I’ve collected thus far.

Here in Florida, we are fortunate to have three WordCamp opportunities within driving distance of one another.  Although dates have not yet been announced for Orlando, I’m eagerly looking forward to it. I am, after all, an annual passholder to multiple theme parks in that area.

ºoº .•:*¨¨*:•. ºoº

LINK: WordCamp Miami 2016


Upgrades, Professionalism, and more – The Roundup 09-22-2015

2015-09-22 Peanutized croppedUpgrades, Professionalism, and more – The Roundup 09-22-2015

It was a week of upgrades!

If Facebook’s “On This Day” feature is to be believed, then this is a common time of year for a new iOS version to be released. At my house, this meant upgrading an iPhone 6 and an older iPad mini.

We also had a significant security and maintenance release from WordPress. Automation helped to ease the burden of that upgrade – especially useful if you’re taking care of routine maintenance for more than half a dozen sites and growing.

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Feast, Famine, FREELANCE! The Roundup 09-08-2015

ParadiseCoastConsultingLLC.comFeast, Famine, FREELANCE! The Roundup 09-08-2015

Freelancing can be associated with many F-words (no, not THAT one), but they won’t all fit on the subject line. Feast, famine, and fire hose are all excellent descriptors of volume and timing as freelancing work ebbs and flows. Then there’s flexibility, the F-word that allows me to take a day here and a day there to attend a workshop, embark upon a naturalist expedition, or get some volunteer work done during the work week.

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Practice Safe Computing – The Roundup 08-23-2015

“Woman Sitting On Briefcase” by Ambro |FreeDigitalPhotos.netPractice Safe Computing – The Roundup 08-23-2015

It has been a very busy (read: billable) week here in the land of freelance ambiguity.

I’ve bought and installed a MUCH more ergonomic desk in the home office. My beautiful antique oak school teacher’s desk just wasn’t designed for hours and hours of computing time. Ergonomics and body mechanics while computing are just as important as firewalls and virus scanners.

The new desk arrived just in time. I’ve been embroiled in a big, juicy project, and my non-profit work is spinning along, too. I’ve promised myself a massage just as soon as the project is turned in. Oh, and I’m a year older than the last time you heard from me. The new desk and the massage are birthday presents to myself.

Here’s a sample of what I felt compelled to share this week:

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Digital content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

sunset on Fort Myers BeachDigital Content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

It was a busy week, and that made it a good week.  If there was a huge, international trending topic this week, it flew under my radar. That happens sometimes, when you’ve got your head down in work.

Emerging from such a week can feel like the aftermath of an intense workout – you’re drenched, spent, yet exhilarated.

It was a GOOD week. Here’s what I’ve been sharing… Continue reading Digital content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

Reading Roundup 08/01/2015

Reading Roundup Reading Roundup | Week Ending 08/01/2015

A stalled “rainmaker” weather system over Southwest Florida resulted in some astonishing rainfall totals.  Unpleasant weather yielded to a break after a week. In the meantime, it was a good opportunity to stay inside and get some meaningful work done. When it was over, I visited the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve to check out the water levels. Let’s just say the Gator Lake overflowed!

Here’s what I’ve been reading and posting about this week:

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Reading Roundup Week Ending 07/24/2015

2015-07-24 Reading RoundupReading Roundup | Week Ending 07/24/2015

How was YOUR week? Mine was packed with wall-to-wall meetings and opportunities to network with new contacts. Also, for what it’s worth, I hit 1,600 tweets this morning; not exactly a mystical milestone, but I just happened to notice it, so I thought I’d mention it.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

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Reading Roundup for Week Ending 07/17/2015 Reading RoundupWelcome to the Reading Roundup for Week Ending July 17th, 2015

The work week is always unpredictable in the life of a freelancer. Consulting gigs present themselves when they present themselves, so adaptation to a life of ambiguity is a must. Other forms of interruption may also present themselves. This week, it was the arrival of my pre-ordered copy of the long-awaited Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee.  Due to the aforementioned unpredictability of workload, I’m only just smack-dab in the middle of it – will let you know how I liked it.

Here are some of the other things I’ve been reading and sharing this week:

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Reading Roundup for week ending 07/10/2015

Reading Roundup ParadiseCoastConsultingLLC.comWELCOME TO THE READING ROUNDUP for week ending July 10th, 2015

My favorite time of day is early morning with a cup of coffee and an electronic device, satisfying my information junkie tendencies.

Here are some of the things I read and experienced this week that I found compelling enough to share on social media.

WARNING: broad diversity of subject matter may lie ahead!

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Work windows, and why we need them

FullSizeRenderThe article linked below describes splitting your day into 90-minute windows, reckoning that an average “task” takes around 90 minutes to complete. This concept of “windows” or “units” is not new to me. Rather humorously, I first encountered it in one of my favorite must-see-it-at-Christmas-time films, About A Boy.  However, the protagonist’s “units” had little to do with working for a living.

Still, the idea bears merit. Dividing the day into blocks defines when the task begins and when it ends. It can help to drive focus, and to curb the inclination to tweak to perfection (news flash: perfection is Continue reading Work windows, and why we need them

Control the place where your content lives

utterli i will never forgive youThe end of Yahoo’s contributor network reminds me of a difficult lesson I learned in my early days of mobile blogging. I had a tidy group of readers following me around, and I enjoyed conversing with them while in the act of adventuring. Sometimes that meant trading comments on a blog post in real-time.  Yet, as soon as I discovered a site called Utterz (later Utterli), it meant Continue reading Control the place where your content lives