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Solo travel safety Solo Travel SafetySolo Travel Safety

Solo business travel has become more of a regular thing in my life since converting from employee to consultant. Whether for work or pleasure, solo travel comes with some caveats. Safety is one of them. No one wants to be the person who reviewed their photos only to find that someone snapped a picture of them while they were sleeping…

I perform many of the rituals and take many of the precautions mentioned by the women interviewed for this article (quoted below) – some with a twist. For instance, when I had a garage, I did make it a practice to Continue reading Solo travel safety

Upgrades, Professionalism, and more – The Roundup 09-22-2015

2015-09-22 Peanutized croppedUpgrades, Professionalism, and more – The Roundup 09-22-2015

It was a week of upgrades!

If Facebook’s “On This Day” feature is to be believed, then this is a common time of year for a new iOS version to be released. At my house, this meant upgrading an iPhone 6 and an older iPad mini.

We also had a significant security and maintenance release from WordPress. Automation helped to ease the burden of that upgrade – especially useful if you’re taking care of routine maintenance for more than half a dozen sites and growing.

And just to make life even more interesting, Continue reading Upgrades, Professionalism, and more – The Roundup 09-22-2015

Environment, Online Privacy, and more – The Roundup 09-15-2015

Downtown Fort Myers from the rooftop bar at Hotel Indigo | © 2015 Erin White All Rights ReservedEnvironment, Online Privacy, and more – The Roundup 09-15-2015

This past week was focused primarily on environmental education and networking. I attended a few lectures and also led a “summit” – a kickoff meeting of sorts to establish priorities for Florida SEE, the environmental education non-profit where I am Board chair.  In addition to all of this, we in the freelance/entrepreneur community all had to get in touch with our inner accountant this week. That’s right, quarterly taxes!  Another very busy, very good week.

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

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Digital content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

sunset on Fort Myers BeachDigital Content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

It was a busy week, and that made it a good week.  If there was a huge, international trending topic this week, it flew under my radar. That happens sometimes, when you’ve got your head down in work.

Emerging from such a week can feel like the aftermath of an intense workout – you’re drenched, spent, yet exhilarated.

It was a GOOD week. Here’s what I’ve been sharing… Continue reading Digital content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

Online privacy tools – The Roundup 08-08-2015

Online privacy, environment, foodie, nature geek, social media, working from homeOnline privacy tools and more – The Roundup 08-08-2015

Another week, another collection of things I read and posted about. The big topic of discussion this week was the GOP debate on Fox News. You’ll be grateful to hear that I won’t be commenting on that.  At all. You’re welcome.

I’m changing the name of this weekly post, and it will be different every week.  Yoast made me do it. May have to migrate to another solution, but for now, it’s still some flavor of Roundup.


Having worked in information risk management most of my career, the tendency to think like a risk manager spills over into my personal life. However, most consumers who use various social media channels haven’t yet caught up to why personal information risk management should even be a “thing” in their lives. At last, here’s a collection of consumer-grade tools and easily-understood rationales for their adoption and use.  Covers permissions, VPN, online search, and other topics and tools.  You’re welcome!

And then, there’s the latest privacy insanity from Facebook –

I know a woman who was denied an opportunity for her company to partner with Company X because of something her husband did in his youth. Yes, they not only background-checked my friend (as well they should), but also her husband – who hasn’t anything to do with her business.

I believe that on the job, people should be judged on their own performance, and not that of their friends or family.  Anything beyond that, and you’re drifting into a very gray area where the risk of a lawsuit could outweigh the risk of employing staff who hang out with human beings prone to human error.

PS – my friend’s company is kicking Company X’s tail at the moment. I bet they wish they had a piece of that.


I used to blog for What’s Your Impact?, a website concerned with climate change. Every now and then, one of my posts resurfaces, and they give me a shout on Twitter. I wish I still had time for this, but I need billable hours these days.  

I’ve run across the concept of “dominion = stewardship” before. The concept exists in various religious and spiritual traditions, and has been expressed by prominent figures throughout history. So many who believe in using, abusing, and laying waste to the Earth’s resources fail to comprehend that “dominion” does not mean “I’m the boss of you, Planet Earth, and I’ll do with you whatever I want”. What it really means is, “Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required.” (Luke 12:48). Or to put it into more contemporary terms, “With great power comes great responsibility” (Spiderman). It is my most fervent wish that the world’s leaders would embrace the concept of stewardship, instead of allowing Big Money to run roughshod over the planet.


I was excited to try out Hootsuite’s solution for scheduling Instagram posts. To be honest, I think I like Latergramme’s solution better. It’s a little clunky to have to manually transfer captions. I’ll give it a few more tries before reverting to Latergramme.

By the way – this is a shot of the restored ceiling at the Sydney & Berne Davis Art Center in Fort Myers, Florida, home of T.G.I.M. (Thank God for Indie Mondays) presented by the Fort Myers Film Festival. This is a great way to spend the first Monday evening of each month. Check out the schedule for more information.


Working from home successfully is not just about how you’ve outfitted your home office. There’s a refrigerator down there, and I often hear it calling me. Working from home can be both a challenge and a blessing when it comes to nutrition. If it’s in the house, you WILL eat it. Therefore, if it’s in the house, make sure that it is healthy, nutritious, and convenient. A little prep ahead of time plus judicious use of the freezer can go a long way toward keeping you well-fed but not unhealthy.


Obligatory nature geek post; finally edited the photos from a hike through Paynes Prairie that took place at the end of June. Lots of bright light is not a photographer’s friend, but we do what we can – enjoy!
2015-06-27 Paynes Prairie | Gainesville, FL

Reading Roundup for week ending 07/10/2015

Reading Roundup ParadiseCoastConsultingLLC.comWELCOME TO THE READING ROUNDUP for week ending July 10th, 2015

My favorite time of day is early morning with a cup of coffee and an electronic device, satisfying my information junkie tendencies.

Here are some of the things I read and experienced this week that I found compelling enough to share on social media.

WARNING: broad diversity of subject matter may lie ahead!

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Easy steps toward protecting online privacy

FB Birthday GreetingsHere is some really useful advice from Forbes on protecting your privacy online (see link below this post).

To this list I would add, “Lie about your date of birth.”

DISCLAIMER: USE YOUR JUDGEMENT!  Obviously, there are times when you should NOT lie about your D.O.B.  For instance, when you are applying for a line of credit, a job, or a driver’s license, don’t lie. When you are paying taxes, don’t lie. These are instances whereby there are valid reasons to provide your real, personally-identifying information. It actually protects you to do so, in some cases.

However, there is no good reason why Facebook or Gmail or your knitting forum needs your true D.O.B., other than Continue reading Easy steps toward protecting online privacy

Social media and your employer

Free Speech MeansBack in the old days, when it was just forums instead of Facebook, avatars instead of profile pictures, and fictitious user names instead of actual identities, I never once mentioned on a public forum the name of the institution for which I slaved.

Beginning with my very first Compuserve account, and before the implementation of the mouse, I was known everywhere I went online by some form of the name of my favorite animated character. I made up names for my employer, at first calling them “MegaBank” in honor of their size and global reach. Eventually, significant growth resulting from multiple mergers and acquisitions, led to a re-anointing as “GigaFirm”, which really ended up sounding more like an anti-cellulite product than a financial institution. Regardless, until the advent of LinkedIn, I never once Continue reading Social media and your employer