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Upgrades, Professionalism, and more – The Roundup 09-22-2015

2015-09-22 Peanutized croppedUpgrades, Professionalism, and more – The Roundup 09-22-2015

It was a week of upgrades!

If Facebook’s “On This Day” feature is to be believed, then this is a common time of year for a new iOS version to be released. At my house, this meant upgrading an iPhone 6 and an older iPad mini.

We also had a significant security and maintenance release from WordPress. Automation helped to ease the burden of that upgrade – especially useful if you’re taking care of routine maintenance for more than half a dozen sites and growing.

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Leader or bully? The Roundup 08-30-2015

Leader Bully CollageLeader or bully? The Roundup 08-30-2015

I hope your week was as productive as mine! Don’t ever let a freelancer tell you that it’s either feast or famine. I am here to testify – there’s a third category, called “fire hose”.  That big, juicy project was also a hurry-up project that required all of my waking hours this past week.  Mostly, I had my head down getting it done, but I did manage to squeeze in a bit of news-reading here and there.

The biggest news here in Southwest Florida was coverage of the hurricane that Continue reading Leader or bully? The Roundup 08-30-2015

Practice Safe Computing – The Roundup 08-23-2015

“Woman Sitting On Briefcase” by Ambro |FreeDigitalPhotos.netPractice Safe Computing – The Roundup 08-23-2015

It has been a very busy (read: billable) week here in the land of freelance ambiguity.

I’ve bought and installed a MUCH more ergonomic desk in the home office. My beautiful antique oak school teacher’s desk just wasn’t designed for hours and hours of computing time. Ergonomics and body mechanics while computing are just as important as firewalls and virus scanners.

The new desk arrived just in time. I’ve been embroiled in a big, juicy project, and my non-profit work is spinning along, too. I’ve promised myself a massage just as soon as the project is turned in. Oh, and I’m a year older than the last time you heard from me. The new desk and the massage are birthday presents to myself.

Here’s a sample of what I felt compelled to share this week:

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Siri enables hackcess to your phone

Siri help me

Looking for an easy way to hack into your phone? Simply ask Siri to help you.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to disallow Siri from your lockscreen. By default, and despite the phone being locked, Siri will cheerfully dispense the answers to such questions as, “What’s my address?” and “Text so-and-so”.

The following article from Naked Security provides more details:

Siri offers the latest backdoor into your iPhone – just ask nicely! | Naked Security

You can adjust the default and prevent unauthorized access to your phone by performing the following steps (if your passcode lock is currently turned off, then you won’t have access to these controls. Turn passcode lock on to change these settings):



2) Where it says “Allow access when locked”, turn that OFF.