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Portfolio: Graphics ABWA Imperial, Aug 2020

Portfolio: Graphics, ABWA Imperial, Aug 2020

Client: ABWA Imperial River Chapter
Content: Social Media Graphics for August 2020 Webinar “ABWA – What’s In It For You?” 

The typical digital marketing cycle for a monthly event produced by ABWA Imperial River Chapter includes:

  • Press Release
  • Blog post
  • Event posts on Eventbrite, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Zoom virtual meeting setup and scheduled link distribution
  • Event invitations and reminders via both Eventbrite and Mailchimp

Each platform requires graphics in different sizes that will render equally well on the desktop and on mobile. Facebook requires multiple different sizes. Social media platforms can sometimes update their graphic size requirements without notice. Creation of the proper sizes depends on frequent research to keep current with each platform’s trends.

Here are some samples from a recent  ABWA Imperial River Chapter PR/Marketing cycle for their August 2020 webinar.

Eventbrite graphic, 2160 x 1080
Eventbrite graphic, 2160 x 1080

Instagram graphic, 1200 x 1200
Instagram graphic, 1200 x 1200

Meetup graphic, 1200 x 675
Meetup Event / Facebook Event graphic, 1200 x 675

ABWA – What’s In It For You? August 12th via Zoom with Anne O’Neill

Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020, 6:30 PM

Estero, FL

3 Members Attending

Estero, FL, July 23rd, 2020: The Imperial River Chapter of the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) will present Anne O’Neill, Director of Business Development at nuVizz, Inc. Wednesday August 12th, 6:30-8:00 PM via Zoom. O’Neill is the current ABWA National Secretary/Treasurer and will discuss “ABWA – What’s In It For You?”. This professi…

Check out this Meetup →


LinkedIn graphic, 122 x 628
LinkedIn graphic, 122 x 628


Facebook Page cover, 940 x 352
Facebook Page cover, 940 x 352

Portfolio: Press Release ABWA Imperial, Aug 2020

ABWA Imperial River Chapter August 2020 meeting PRESS RELEASE
Press release, ABWA Imperial River Chapter presents Anne O’Neall discussing “ABWA – What’s In It For You?”, August 2020


CLICK the photo for a PDF of this press release – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ABWA – What’s In It For You? with Anne O’Neill, August 12th

Client: ABWA Imperial River Chapter
Content: Press Release via Mailchimp
Link to original:

Portfolio: Event Sponsor Graphics, Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation

Event Sponsor Graphics, Lakes Park Enrichment Foundation

Samples of sponsor “thank you” graphics used on social media to promote the Foundation’s event sponsors. 

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Practice Safe Computing – The Roundup 08-23-2015

“Woman Sitting On Briefcase” by Ambro |FreeDigitalPhotos.netPractice Safe Computing – The Roundup 08-23-2015

It has been a very busy (read: billable) week here in the land of freelance ambiguity.

I’ve bought and installed a MUCH more ergonomic desk in the home office. My beautiful antique oak school teacher’s desk just wasn’t designed for hours and hours of computing time. Ergonomics and body mechanics while computing are just as important as firewalls and virus scanners.

The new desk arrived just in time. I’ve been embroiled in a big, juicy project, and my non-profit work is spinning along, too. I’ve promised myself a massage just as soon as the project is turned in. Oh, and I’m a year older than the last time you heard from me. The new desk and the massage are birthday presents to myself.

Here’s a sample of what I felt compelled to share this week:

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Digital content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

sunset on Fort Myers BeachDigital Content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

It was a busy week, and that made it a good week.  If there was a huge, international trending topic this week, it flew under my radar. That happens sometimes, when you’ve got your head down in work.

Emerging from such a week can feel like the aftermath of an intense workout – you’re drenched, spent, yet exhilarated.

It was a GOOD week. Here’s what I’ve been sharing… Continue reading Digital content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

Reading Roundup 08/01/2015

Reading Roundup Reading Roundup | Week Ending 08/01/2015

A stalled “rainmaker” weather system over Southwest Florida resulted in some astonishing rainfall totals.  Unpleasant weather yielded to a break after a week. In the meantime, it was a good opportunity to stay inside and get some meaningful work done. When it was over, I visited the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve to check out the water levels. Let’s just say the Gator Lake overflowed!

Here’s what I’ve been reading and posting about this week:

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Good news for non-profits on Facebook, maybe

2014-11-21 FB Notification Follow 3Facebook is once again poised to change the algorithm that determines what users see the most of in their news feeds – and it may mean good news for non-profits. See New York Times article, linked at the end of this post for details.

Come January 2015, the algorithm will monitor brand page posts for advertising content, and then limit visibility to fans. The idea is to force brands to Continue reading Good news for non-profits on Facebook, maybe

Control the place where your content lives

utterli i will never forgive youThe end of Yahoo’s contributor network reminds me of a difficult lesson I learned in my early days of mobile blogging. I had a tidy group of readers following me around, and I enjoyed conversing with them while in the act of adventuring. Sometimes that meant trading comments on a blog post in real-time.  Yet, as soon as I discovered a site called Utterz (later Utterli), it meant Continue reading Control the place where your content lives

Digital Content: NABA Butterfly Count at Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

I volunteer for wildlife surveys several times a year.  These are opportunities to get away from the desk and air conditioning, and commune with nature in the company of other nature geeks, from whom I learn so many things.  Wildlife surveys are also opportunities to study and photograph wildlife, and to help nature-based organizations understand how conservation land is being used, and by which species. Yesterday’s foray into the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary had us counting butterflies for NABA. I was able to get some decent shots for environmental education purposes.  Check out the Flickr slideshow, below.

NOTE: if the slideshow embed doesn’t work for you, click this link:

Digital Content: Yellow Fever Creek Preserve

IMG_9683Here’s the fun side of what I do for a living – I develop digital content that serves up environmental education.

My aim in photography is not so much to develop works of art, but to illustrate a story. This is the story of an evening hike at one of Conservation 20/20’s preserves.  The preserve is in Cape Coral, Florida.  Enjoy the tour!

Sunsets: the eye candy of digital content

IMG_9576Where online content is concerned, does it get much better than a sunset? Apparently, it does!

Sunset is my favorite time to hit the beach with camera in hand, especially if it coincides with low tide. The beach is laid seemingly bare by the ebb, but countless small worlds and denizens await discovery amongst the tidal pools and puddles.  And at the end of our walk, we get an eye-catching treat, which is what makes sunsets such excellent digital content.

Check the link for a unique perspective on sunset photography –

Photographs of Sunsets as Reflected through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright | Colossal.