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2015-09 Welcome To WordCamp Tampa WORDPRESSProfessional Development for WordPress Users

Last week, I attended WordCamp Tampa, which was held at the Marshall Student Center at the University of South Florida campus in Tampa.  It was a great opportunity to meet other WordPress users and formalize my self-taught WordPres skills a bit.  I also got to meet a bunch of WordPress-related vendors; I actually use a few of these products, and had my eyes opened to a few more that I can try. I don’t have much interest in code, so I followed mostly the Publishing, Business, and Freelancing tracks. I made a single foray each into Design and Development.

I was excited to learn about some WordPress plugins I’d never heard of when I ventured into that one Development session. So I made sure that I would have access to the sessions I missed via streaming video.

The USF Campus

2015-09 Beautiful USF campus WORDPRESSThe USF campus in Tampa, Florida is located quite near to Busch Gardens The campus is gorgeous – beautifully laid-out, with many eye-pleasing features.

2015-09 USF bull topiary WORDPRESSThis bull topiary stands on a hill covered with old live oaks that drip with Spanish moss.

2015-09 USF bull sculptures WORDPRESSYou can also find a series of three bull sculptures cavorting through a man-made “stream” that runs alongside the student center. Many groups of visitors stopped for a photo op here. In fact, there seemed to be a steady stream of student-led expeditions consisting of high school kids and their parents,  touring their way through the campus all weekend.

WordCamp Tampa Favorites

2015-09 WordCamp Tampa Speaker WORDPRESSIf you want to see what a WordCamp session schedule looks like, then check out this link.  There were tracks for all persuasions.  Each presenter managed to tie their session back to WordPress in relevant ways. Pictured: Cliff Seal, delivering a session called “No One Cares About Your Content… Yet!”  Cliff was one of my favorite speakers. Another favorite was Nathan Ingram . He presented at WordCamp Bootcamp on Friday and delivered “The Power Of Recurring Income” on Sunday.

2015-09 WordCamp Tampa Final Session WORDPRESSMy favorite session was the final one on Sunday – “The Elephant In The Room – Working On A Distributed Team”. A panel discussed the health-related issues that can result from working remotely, both physical and psychological. Isolation was a running theme. I’ve previously blogged some suggestions for addressing the isolation aspect of freelancing – check out Brick And Mortar Breakout: Finding Your Freelance Community.

Future WordCamps In Florida

There are other WordCamp events happening in Florida during the coming months. I know I have a conflict for the event in Orlando (love the Potter theme!), but I am not yet sure about Miami– the last one was in May, so I’ve got some time to plan for that one. I can always use some more WordPress training!

Post-Conference Side Trips

Here comes the fun shot. After WordCamp was over, I went to a local park for some nature photography, and then to Busch Gardens. My annual pass was burning a hole in my pocket. I could easily justify a brief visit on my way home to Fort Myers. Glad I did – look who I met!

Not a topiary! #cheetah #buschgardens #LoveFL

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