Why not recruit a boomer today?

Geeks at the Opera by Ed Yourdon | baby boomer tech geeks | https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/Why not recruit a boomer today?

It perplexes me when companies moan about millennials, yet invest heavily in developing strategies to recruit and manage them.

There are plenty of boomers who were laid off during the recession (and fell off the jobless rate radar) who would appreciate an opportunity to work.

Boomers Are Seasoned Professionals

Boomers are reliable and dependable. Our student loans are long since paid off.   We are experienced. We know how to behave in the workplace. We’re adults and don’t need nannying. We don’t need a lot of mentoring, coaching or training.

Boomers Are The Original Early Adopters

Boomers were the first people to have computers plunked on our desks back in the late 1980s. Our first use of personal computing was for business. We grew up with “distributed computing”, to use a quaint phrase, and rolled with it when the workplace became consumerized.  Use or misuse, technology just isn’t a problem for a boomer.

Boomers Are Low Maintenance

We don’t have the work ethic issues, the motivation issues, the loyalty issues, the need-for-praise issues, or much of any of the issues that purportedly come with the millennial terrain. You don’t have to coax a boomer to achievement or success. And at this juncture, you really cannot point to the need to pay a boomer more, as we have been without corporate jobs and benefits for so long, we’d probably be OK with a significant pay cut, just so long as the income is steady.

So what’s stopping you, Corporate America? Why not recruit a boomer today?

IMAGE: Geeks at the Opera by Ed Yourdon | Click for license under Creative Commons