Leader or bully? The Roundup 08-30-2015

Leader Bully CollageLeader or bully? The Roundup 08-30-2015

I hope your week was as productive as mine! Don’t ever let a freelancer tell you that it’s either feast or famine. I am here to testify – there’s a third category, called “fire hose”.  That big, juicy project was also a hurry-up project that required all of my waking hours this past week.  Mostly, I had my head down getting it done, but I did manage to squeeze in a bit of news-reading here and there.

The biggest news here in Southwest Florida was coverage of the hurricane that wasn’t. Erika dissipated somewhere in the vicinity of Cuba, which left most households well and amply stocked with hurricane supplies (read: wine).  Fortunately, no one had to put up their hurricane shutters, or otherwise invoke emergency response / disaster recovery plans.

Here’s what else caught my interest this week


This time, it worked out well – with good humor and a sense of fun, the finders of this lost phone handled it with a sense of both adventure and integrity. Others haven’t been so lucky. Lost phones have often resulted in identity theft, which leads to empty bank accounts, hijacked email and social media accounts, and a plethora of other very serious problems. The value of password-protection for mobile devices cannot be underestimated.


Juvenile American alligator, sunning on a log at Corkscrew Sanctuary's "south end", November 2nd, 2013. Photo: Erin White
Juvenile American alligator, sunning on a log at Corkscrew Sanctuary’s “south end”, November 2nd, 2013. Photo: Erin White


Visiting the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is like spending time in another world.  You simply haven’t seen the real Florida unless you’ve seen Corkscrew. This article will whet your appetite.


If you haven’t run into this person during your career, you’re indeed fortunate. Most of us have. Leadership is never about forcing. People should WANT to follow you, and you can’t pressure them into wanting to by means of manipulation, deception, or bullying.  People will want to follow you  because you are successful, and they’d like a piece of that.  They’ll want to follow you because they believe in what you’re doing, and how you’re behaving while your doing it.  They’ll want to follow you because they admire you. Bullying just isn’t admirable.


READ The Florida SEE Grapevine, August 2015 Here’s a piece of digital content I recently created and published on behalf of the non-profit I chair.  Although we have an audience on Facebook, it’s clear that email is still king for communicating with our  membership.  Over the past few years, we have enjoyed email open rates ranging between 31% – 36%



Happy hour in 3… 2… 1… #swfl #fortmyersbeach A photo posted by Erin White (@whiteerinm) on

On Friday, I shared a happy hour after work libation with one of my ABWA sisters at a pleasant spot on Fort Myers Beach. It had been a long week for both of us, and it turned out to be just the thing we both needed.

That’s a sample of my week.  Hope your week was just as good. Check my about.me landing page for links to where you can find me on the web.