Practice Safe Computing – The Roundup 08-23-2015

“Woman Sitting On Briefcase” by Ambro |FreeDigitalPhotos.netPractice Safe Computing – The Roundup 08-23-2015

It has been a very busy (read: billable) week here in the land of freelance ambiguity.

I’ve bought and installed a MUCH more ergonomic desk in the home office. My beautiful antique oak school teacher’s desk just wasn’t designed for hours and hours of computing time. Ergonomics and body mechanics while computing are just as important as firewalls and virus scanners.

The new desk arrived just in time. I’ve been embroiled in a big, juicy project, and my non-profit work is spinning along, too. I’ve promised myself a massage just as soon as the project is turned in. Oh, and I’m a year older than the last time you heard from me. The new desk and the massage are birthday presents to myself.

Here’s a sample of what I felt compelled to share this week:

The Workplace

March 18th, 1991: It was my first day working in downtown Manhattan, a sliver of an island between two rivers. Nothing can prepare a person for the savagely cold winds that gain momentum as they sweep through the concrete canyons. I was actually bent over at the waist, fighting against the wind as I made my way from the subway to my office building. The bitter cold crept up my skirt, which convinced me that I needed to dress differently for my second day.  

March 19th, 1991: I wore an impeccably proper gray flannel suit, with trousers instead of a skirt, and a blue oxford button-down shirt, pearls, and black patent leather heels. Apparently, I caused a furor among the women in the office. One of them was elected to pull me aside and explain that I would probably be “spoken to” about my attire. Having spent my formative years hearing how we’ve come a long way, baby, it never occurred to me to accept this. I said, rather loudly, “Well, if they tell me that I have to take off my pants, then they have to tell all the men around here to take theirs off, too”.  

I was never “spoken to”,  and in a short while, many of the other women in the office started wearing trousers too. I’m kind of proud of that.

This article told me that we apparently still live in a world in which a woman can be required to bare her skin in the workplace, while men enjoy no such requirement. We’ve still got a long way to go, baby.

Digital Content


Here’s something super-exciting that happened this past week.  One of my ABWA sisters from the Sanibel Captiva Charter Chapter was named to the national Top Ten Business Women for 2016. In fact, three women from Florida were nominated. I had to do some quick research and dash off a blog post to be disseminated across social media. I love it when my job gives me something to do that’s this much fun!


There are perhaps half a dozen reasons to pick up your mobile device during a meeting. You want to check a date. You want to make a Note To Self. A text notification flashes across the screen, and you want to see if it’s urgent. The worst offender is the person who is “doing email” during a meeting. I take that back. Even worse than emailing during a meeting is playing games during a meeting. We can all tell when they’re doing it, too.  They are so transparently not present. It’s not very professional, and more than a little insulting. Treat your colleagues better. Resolve to be here now in meetings from now on.

4. Mobile AND Risk Management


This is a brief checklist to help you secure your home network and protect your data as well as that of your clients.  However, I disagree with No. 5 on the list. We needn’t be terrified of public WiFi. There are ways to protect yourself and keep you productive while you’re mobile. Read on –

5. Mobile AND Risk Management

Yep, it’s another checklist, complete with screen shots. These are all valuable suggestions for “safe computing, especially No. 5 – turn off WiFi when you’re not using it. Many laptops are outfitted with a kill-switch that makes it very easy to disconnect.  My iPhone makes it easy to just swipe up and kill WiFi with a single touch. This will help to save the battery, too.

That’s it for the roundup this week. Check my landing page for links to where you can find me on the web.

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