Digital content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

sunset on Fort Myers BeachDigital Content and more – The Roundup 08-16-2015

It was a busy week, and that made it a good week.  If there was a huge, international trending topic this week, it flew under my radar. That happens sometimes, when you’ve got your head down in work.

Emerging from such a week can feel like the aftermath of an intense workout – you’re drenched, spent, yet exhilarated.

It was a GOOD week. Here’s what I’ve been sharing…

Digital Content

How To Format Instagram Captions | Jenn’s Trends

I want to know how on earth someone figured out that on Instagram,  precisely FIVE strokes on the return key equals one line break!  Some of the advice in this article reminds me of my blogging “cheat sheet”. When I first started out, I knew nothing of code. So whenever I saw some formatting that I liked, I’d swipe it and squirrel it away in a text file on my laptop. I have the file to this day. I’m pretty sure everyone who blogs has a similar secret stash of tried and true code snippets. In this manner, we are all hackers.

Social Media AND Risk Management

Proofpoint TAP Social Discover Closes the IT Knowledge Gap on Social Media Threats

Social media can make a business vulnerable from a number of different perspectives. We already have the tools and methods for addressing risk. We must think of social media as yet another threat vector to which these tools and methods are to be applied.  Monitoring is essential for identifying threats.  It’s good to see tools emerging that are specifically designed to address the unique challenges of monitoring social media.

Working From Home

2 Hours of Standing at Work May Boost Your Health

Lately I’ve been reading that “sitting is the new smoking”. I’ve been sitting at a desk my entire career, so this declaration does not sound good to me. I bet it doesn’t sound good to you, either.

Working from home has afforded me some flexibility. When the weather is good, I can walk for an hour or so outside during the day. When the weather is blistering (this IS Florida, after all), I use a treadmill. I’ve discovered that I can read, share, and compose short messages as long as I’m not traveling more than 3.2 miles per hour.  While I’d much rather be outside, I’m getting an awful lot of reading done lately.

I quit smoking 7 years ago. I can’t quit sitting, but I can stand and walk as much as possible during the work day.

Online Privacy

Webcam spy sends couple photos of previous night’s Netflix snuggle session

What a sobering story – and just plain creepy, too. In addition to the cautionary tale, this article provides a checklist to help ensure that you’ve taken all the steps that you can to prevent the bad guys from taking control of your web cam. Oh, and I’m serious about the stickers.

Nature Geek

Fort Myers Beach at sunset

Fort Myers Beach at sunset

Nothing like a long walk through the tidal pools after work on a Friday evening. I found a fascinating array of critters, a surprising number of good shells for Fort Myers Beach, and the most amazing sunset. I’m truly lucky to be living here.

That’s a sample of what I’ve been sharing this week. Check my landing page for links to where you can find me on the web.

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