Reading Roundup 08/01/2015

Reading Roundup Reading Roundup | Week Ending 08/01/2015

A stalled “rainmaker” weather system over Southwest Florida resulted in some astonishing rainfall totals.  Unpleasant weather yielded to a break after a week. In the meantime, it was a good opportunity to stay inside and get some meaningful work done. When it was over, I visited the Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve to check out the water levels. Let’s just say the Gator Lake overflowed!

Here’s what I’ve been reading and posting about this week:

Social Media

12 Social Media Marketing Trends for Small Business | Social Media Examiner

I always emphasize to my clients that the goal of online exposure is to increase traffic to your own website. Social media is simply a way of leading your audience there.  Your website is where YOU are in control of your content, as well as how your business transactions happen.  Exposure on the web is great, but don’t forget why you’re there – to build relationships that result in revenue.

Social Media AND Risk Management

Social risk and regulations | KPMG | AU

The only actions we truly control are our own. Buddhists know this. Psychologists know this. Enterprises do well to embrace and internalize it, too. Businesses can and should implement and enforce policies and controls. They must also have a plan in place that dictates how to react when things go wrong. In IT risk and security management, such plans include:

– disaster recovery
– business continuity
– security event management

It’s time to add social media event management to the list.

And speaking of which…

The lion sleeps tonight

Photo: Id Iom on Flickr

The National Wildlife Federation shared an an article about the most dominant topic on social media this week. Everyone was talking about the hunting of Cecil the Lion.  What I saw of NWF’s social media moderation response was textbook perfect. They exercised patience and impeccable judgment. They also maintained a balance between removing the inappropriate and reassuring fans. Visit this link to NWF’s Facebook page to check out how they handled it.

Networking AND Digital Content

Now you know. Yes, I am THAT person – the one who whips out her phone and shares photos of her food. I had the opportunity to do so last week at my ABWA chapter’s “tasting committee” event. I used the pictures in my capacity as the chapter’s webmaster. Our 2015 Events page is now updated. See, there IS a professional justification for this behavior!

You don’t need to be a woman to join us – we have a few “man-bers” in our midst, and would love to see their ranks in the organization grow.  Click the link and make a reservation to attend our next chapter meeting!

American Business Women’s Association | Sanibel Captiva Charter Chapter | 2015 Events Page

Nature Geek

Cypress beside the boardwalk #sixmilecypressslough #swfl #LoveFL   A photo posted by Erin White (@whiteerinm) on

What would the Reading Roundup be without a Nature Geek shot? These are galls on a cypress tree, growing alongside the boardwalk at the Slough. It took some googling, but I believe I’ve managed to identify them. Here’s a page with potential identification – do you agree?
cypress flower gall midge, Taxodiomyia cupressi (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) – 5424528

That’s a sample of what I’ve been reading and posting about this week. Check my landing page for links to where you can find me on the web.

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