Paulette Burton Citizen of the Year Award

2014 Citizen of the Year Award
Lee County, FL 2014 Paulette Burton Citizen of the Year Award nomination

For the second year running, I’ve been nominated for the Paulette Burton Citizen of the Year Award. Both years, my nomination was the result of volunteer work for Conservation 20/20, Lee County’s land conservation and stewardship organization. Although I didn’t win, I got a good look at the nominees list. I’m satisfied that some deserving folks made it to the finals.

I think of volunteerism as a double-edged sword. I have learned a great deal while volunteering.  I have also had opportunities to showcase my skills. However, I sometimes believe that here in the land of the retiree, the reason there aren’t a lot of decent jobs is because of the ready availability of no-cost volunteer labor.

I know people who “volunteer” to be on this board or that committee, but they don’t actually DO anything for the organization.  My guess is that it looks good on their resume. On the flip side, I take great pleasure in watching young people volunteer for social causes. They often have the time of their lives, and working with them is not at all like herding cats 😉

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