Good news for non-profits on Facebook, maybe

2014-11-21 FB Notification Follow 3Facebook is once again poised to change the algorithm that determines what users see the most of in their news feeds – and it may mean good news for non-profits. See New York Times article, linked at the end of this post for details.

Come January 2015, the algorithm will monitor brand page posts for advertising content, and then limit visibility to fans. The idea is to force brands to pay for advertising on Facebook.

At least temporarily, this may have the effect of decluttering fan news feeds a bit, paving the way for non-profit messages to shine through.  Once the brands figure out the “quality content” angle, all bets are off.  But in the meanwhile, here’s to hoping for more visible content from the worthwhile causes we all follow.

SOMETHING FOR NON-PROFITS TO TRY ON FACEBOOK: if you’re a little guy non-profit who is hoping for visibility but cannot afford to pay, then you should be teaching your fans how to see more of you.  Show them where the “Get Notifications” and “Follow” features are.  Feel free to use the image on this post to educate your fans.

INSPIRED BY: Facebook Will Curtail Unpaid Ads by Brands –

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