Work windows, and why we need them

FullSizeRenderThe article linked below describes splitting your day into 90-minute windows, reckoning that an average “task” takes around 90 minutes to complete. This concept of “windows” or “units” is not new to me. Rather humorously, I first encountered it in one of my favorite must-see-it-at-Christmas-time films, About A Boy.  However, the protagonist’s “units” had little to do with working for a living.

Still, the idea bears merit. Dividing the day into blocks defines when the task begins and when it ends. It can help to drive focus, and to curb the inclination to tweak to perfection (news flash: perfection is chimera).

The concept of dividing work time into units also aligns with healthy desk job practices. The latest wisdom is that sitting all day causes as much bodily harm as smoking. This means we should get up and move periodically. Defining timed intervals  can signal not only when that should happen, but how often. For those who have more control over their workday, at least one of those 90-minute windows can be labeled “Go for a run”, or perhaps “Practice yoga”. Planning one’s work day in this manner can help to guarantee that we get up, get out there, and get it done.

Inspired by: The Origin of the 8-Hour Work Day and Why We Should Rethink It.

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