The best jobs in the world are made, not got

IMG_7108 Boating on Estero Bay, November 2012. © Erin White
“I don’t think I’m getting a job. I think I’m making a job.”

It was a brilliant, blue-sky day in November, 2012. Full-time Florida residents live for this type of day – the heat of the summer is behind us, but the massive influx of snowbirds is still before us.  We get to enjoy our Florida unfettered.

Gary was at the wheel.  Tootie and I had each draped ourselves into the mandatory lounging position on either side of the vessel. We were headed into Estero Bay, deeply grateful for the sky, the water, the sunshine, and the freedom to enjoy it all. Thinking about the reasons why I, in particular, could enjoy said freedom, I remarked to Tootie, “You know, I don’t think I’m getting a job.  I think I’m making a job.” And with those words, I did what any plugged-in netizen of this day and age would do.  I snapped a pic of my bare feet against the idyllic backdrop, and posted it to Facebook.

I’d been struggling with unemployment since September of 2010. Sporadic temporary gigs had allowed me to stretch severance and savings for several years. There were some promising but as-yet unrealized economic developments on the horizon for Southwest Florida. With many years of Wall Street experience under my belt, these developments would eventually result in the type of corporate positions for which I’d been bred. But in the meantime, I had a problem.  I needed income, but work opportunities were still scarce.

IMG_7110By January 0f 2013, I’d manifested the idea of “making a job” by creating an LLC.  Unfortunately, other life priorities crowded out any further activity in establishing a business. It wasn’t until October of 2013, nearly a year after the foot-selfie on the bay, that my first proposal was created and accepted. Soon, I was scrambling to obtain liability insurance and register my business with the county tax office. After a prolonged gestation period, Paradise Coast Consulting, LLC was born and operational.

It’s funny how abundance attracts abundance. Once income was happening, more opportunities for consulting work also happened. Sometimes I win the bid, sometimes I don’t.  Some months I make more, some less.  I still keep my finger on the pulse of those someday corporate jobs (they’ve broken ground on the building, so that’s a good sign!), but I’m not languishing while I wait.

One thing that I’ve always got is flexibility – the freedom to choose when and where and how I will work.  I can also choose when and where and how I will play.  For instance, I took most of yesterday off, to frolic along Fort Myers Beach with friends from out of town.  In fact, I was telling them the foot-selfie story only last night, over dinner.  This morning, I found an article on that says the same thing, nearly verbatim, that I said while floating on Estero Bay that day:

“Those with the best jobs in the world didn’t ‘get’ them. They made them.”

Yes, I’m still aiming to try for one of those corporate positions, once they land here. But in the meantime, I’ve taken over the captain’s position, and I’m piloting this job – this job that I made.



Inspired by: via The best-paying (and fulfilling) work-from-home job – Freelancers Union.

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