Who runs the world? Female entrepreneurs, that’s who.

It’s startling to see these statistics in print – the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Center for Women in Business reports that 30% of all new businesses are owned by women, and that 90% of female entrepreneurs are sole proprietors.

What could be causing women to enter the workplace as their own bosses in such significant numbers? Maybe it’s because we’ve finally figured out that no one is going to be better at giving us a fair shake than us.

Opportunity can pass you by in the workplace for entirely arbitrary reasons, including some that are based upon gender. Stellar performance does not mean you control your own destiny. There may be agendas of which you know nothing that will keep you from achieving your professional goals.  As a recently-minted entrepreneur, I won’t be passing myself up for a promotion or a raise, that’s for sure!

Women entrepreneurs to contribute 5.5 million new jobs by 2018 – Pages from Freelancers Union.